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We’re here to help you manage risk and be resilient

Rivo is an industry recognized software platform that helps some of the world’s best known brands manage compliance and risk.

No matter the size of your business, how many sites you have, or where they’re located, Rivo can be configured to work exactly the way you need.

We have over 180 clients in 86 countries. Rivo helps these clients to protect hundreds of thousands of people, their assets, environments and profits.

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Thames Water increased risk and hazard reporting by over 500% by implementing Rivo. Within 12 months this had caused their incident rate to drop by 50%.


10 applications for complete risk visibility and control

Rivo is an end-to-end risk management solution, made up of 10 complimentary applications, which offer out of the box and further configurable functionality to help you gain better visibility and control of your organization’s risk.

You can use any or all of the capability of Rivo to create a unique solution for your organization.

Designed for the User

Easy access, easy navigation, high user adoption

We know that running an organization can be complicated, so we make sure our software isn’t.

Rivo has been designed from the ground up with the user in mind. Powerful tools such as easy incident reporting with auto-location stamps visible on geo-maps or schematics, are highly effective, but easy to use.

We want everyone in your organization and eco-system to be able to use Rivo and to play their part in EHS and risk management, and so we created our software to be so intuitive, helping you encourage universal user adoption across your organization.


Lean configuration and out of the box solutions

We’ve made Rivo completely customizable to your needs. Rivo quickly becomes a valuable part of your team as it works with your existing workflows, there’s no need for training time, just use it from day one.

Our “Delta Plus” model provides the fastest route to value on the market. We have a standard product departure point with industry, region and solution templates ready to go – a truly out of the box solution.

Due to the high performance business rules architecture, Rivo can deliver the same level of configuration up to 30% faster than any of our competitors.


Scalable for fast big-data processing

We’ve built our technology in the cloud. Not only does this ensure 99.9% uptime, so you’ve always got access to your EHS and risk management data, but it means complete scalability too.

Regardless of the size of your organization, how many users you have, or the volume of data you’re managing, Rivo can handle it all, without breaking a sweat.

No matter when or where you want to use Rivo, we’ve got you covered. You can use Rivo on almost any device, and you’ll get the same fast, effective user experience every time.

We’ve not just built Rivo for this year, or this decade. We’ve got an eye on the future, and have built Rivo to scale with you well into the next decade.

One Cloud

Single code-line SaaS for high innovation

Not only does the cloud help for scalability and reliability, but having a single software ecosystem in the cloud helps us innovate too.

Rivo is based on a single code line. This means we have one version of Rivo that we’re always working on to iterate and improve upon. We don’t have to waste our time supporting historical versions of software, or maintaining several versions of our product, and you don’t have to worry about updates or upgrades either.

Instead our time is better spent on creating new, innovative ideas to make what is already a robust, efficient and easy to use application suite, even better.