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Healthcare & Pharmaceutical businesses have inherent risks and corporate responsibilities they need to control especially carefully. Internally they need to ensure people, processes and resources are managed effectively and also protect the wider general public who will make use of their products and services. Rivo helps several Healthcare & Pharmaceutical organizations to manage their risk and EHS obligations.

EH&S Software customers in Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Rehab Care
Sanofi Aventis

Protecting the Environment Agency against the risk of floods

Rivo was chosen to manage the upkeep and compliance of the UK Environment Agency’s flood risk management assets such as flood gates, operating pumps, closing barriers and clearing channels. We provided them with a nationwide risk assessment tool with centralized analytics and reporting, available on any browser to all employees and contractors. Thanks to Rivo, they can now rapidly mobilize the right resources and people in the event of high risk flood events.


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