Environmental Monitoring

Rivo Environmental Monitoring provides a total monitoring, analysis, testing and reporting solution. Monitor environmental and other enterprise risk and performance metrics such as air, water, waste and emissions. Monitor energy consumption or chemical processes and outputs. Data can be gathered from sensors, other software applications and/or input manually. Convert, consolidate or apply calculations to monitored data and ensure you have real-time and sound historic data sets required for internal and regulatory compliance and reporting. Rivo Environmental Monitoring can also be used equally effectively to monitor and report on non-environmental metrics.

Environmental monitoring, reporting and testing has traditionally been an HSE Management function. It is increasingly a part of wider corporate regulatory, operational and sustainability awareness and reporting. Proprietary and internal reporting obligations. Non-regulatory frameworks such as GRI and CDP. A complex set of regulatory compliance and legal requirements in most operating countries. Stringent operating requirements such as the US EPA operating Permit V. All of these demand a sound set of environmental monitoring and reporting datasets that are readily accessible, that can be interrogated, analyzed and can be reported on.

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  • End to end environmental monitoring, metric gathering, analysis, calculations and reporting
  • Integrate Rivo Environmental Monitoring into existing hardware and software
  • Minimize disruption from large and duplicated end of year reporting activities
  • Streamline data entry activities across your operations
  • Up to the minute visibility of environmental, business, and regulatory compliance across multiple jurisdictions
  • Visually appealing and flexible reporting for management and auditor reviews
  • Provide data to support business case development for environmental impact reduction projects
  • Extend environmental monitoring activities to promote better risk and sustainable business initiatives
  • A central reporting, environmental monitoring and testing solution to record data from any system and location
  • Apply a variable set of rules for calculation, aggregation or conversion of data
  • Integration to web services and APIs to remove manual data entry
  • Easily consumable and visually appealing analytics allows drill down through complex data sets
  • Integrate supply chain data into your environmental monitoring and testing
  • Configurable measurement intervals and data recording parameters
  • Trigger notifications from workflow rules and parameters on environmental monitoring data
  • Allow exception management through alerts and notifications when parameters are exceeded
  • Integrate into other Rivo solution layers for complete environmental monitoring & sustainability management

Environmental monitoring, compliance and sustainability – leading by example, Sonae Sierra

International shopping center specialist Sonae Sierra operates in Portugal, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Brazil, China, Colombia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Romania, Spain and Turkey. Sonae Sierra use Rivo to manage legal compliance, environmental monitoring and testing including emissions for their Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) obligations. Environmental incidents, hazards, audits and risks are identified and captured in Rivo, and delivered through the reporting and analytics engine to fulfill Sonae Sierra’s sustainability transparency.

Other customers benefiting from Rivo’s Environmental Monitoring solution include: