Legal, Regulatory and Corporate Obligations Compliance

Rivo Obligations Compliance Solution Layer enables organisations to manage complex and changing legal, regulatory and corporate obligations across their business. Facing multiple obligations to remain compliant across each operating jurisdiction is an increasingly challenging task. Knowing which obligations are relevant to each operating site, and then understanding whether you are compliant to each obligation or overarching laws and regulations is critical to your business health.

Regardless of geography, industry or frequency of amendment to laws, regulations and internal policies, Rivo provides an automated management system to support the management, enforcement and monitoring of compliance across your business. Rivo enables you to keeping track of your legal, regulatory, reporting (eg. GRI) or corporate obligations, which areas of the business they apply to and whether they are compliant. Seamlessly integrate inspections, audits, and corrective actions and analytics to provide a total compliance management solution in the cloud and available to your whole business anywhere in the world.

HSE, OSHA, WHS, SOLAS, MARPOL, GRI, EPA Permit V, CAA, EU Privacy, EU Sustainability Reporting, Dodd-Frank Element 14, Bribery Act 2010, FCPA.

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Compliance Visibility

  • Visibility of legal, regulatory and corporate obligations compliance reporting
  • Provide instant access to employees on latest relevant obligations on location basis
  • Get a complete view of compliance status across all of your locations

Improve Global Compliance

  • Track and manage non-compliance reports and corrective actions for better control and compliance


  • Build and maintain a library of legal, regulatory and reporting obligations
  • Apply to specific areas and locations of the business
  • Automatic email notifications, alerts and escalations for areas of non-compliance
  • Distribute obligations to locations and entities requesting them to confirm compliance
  • Single module for instant access to determine non-compliance by location or obligation
  • Quickly address non-conformances/anomalies around the world in 40+ languages
  • Integrate any other Rivo Solution Layer seamlessly eg. Audit & Inspection Management
  • Total compliance management including full end to end action management oversight overview

Sustainability Legal Compliance and GRI Reporting Compliance for Sonae Sierra

Sonae Sierra is an international shopping centre specialist, passionate about creating unique shopping experiences. They currently own 47 Shopping Centres around the world and manage a further 85 centres, valued at around 5.6 billion euros.

Sonae Sierra relies on Rivo to manage facilitate risk management in safety and sustainability including Incident Reporting and Management, Document and Policy Management, Training and Competence Management and environmental Monitoring and Reporting. Sonae Sierra use Rivo to manage all of the GRI Reporting KPI Obligations and their operational site legal obligations. Rivo’s ease of use and flexibility to Sonae Sierra’s processes and terminology helps put them at the forefront of corporate sustainability and non-financial performance management and reporting.